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What Ants Can Teach us about SEO and Online Business


I watched recently a movie about ant colonies in North America. The humble ant is known for being one of nature’s most successful problem solvers. They communicate, cooperate and are one of the most resilient creatures out there. It made me thinking that these natural abilities can easily transfer to the online business market…

Taking a little inspiration from one of the smallest creatures in the animal kingdom could be the kick-start our online business needs. Let’s see how incorporating these ant-inspired qualities can help us create a successful online business and steady growth of our search engine marketing!

Focus and Patience

You’ve got to be committed to your new business venture and search engine optimisation and you’ve got to realise you aren’t going to see instant results. Like the ant, you need to be resilient and accept that things take time. You never see an ant sat still because they are always working towards their next goal and are wholly focused upon it and this is something you can incorporate into your business ethos.


Once you have begun to build your business and are creating valuable and interesting and well search optimised content then get out there in the wider community and share it. It may add value to what other people are offering and they may have tips and tricks to share with you too. Getting social and links really help the prospects of your online business and no ant colony would function if they didn’t work together and support each other.

Develop a Routine

To see your business flourish and growth in SEO traffic, you need to treat it like a job, a task which has to be completed. This means having certain things set in stone. Create a content calendar and stick to it, automate certain elements of your marketing campaigns and always ensure you stick to any goals you set for yourself. Perseverance is key, especially in the early days when the rewards may not be forthcoming. Deadlines and goals are key to a successful routine. Treat your deadlines as seriously as you would if they had been set by a boss or an employer.

Be Positive

No one is going to be interested in a new online business where the blog content or social channels of the site are all doom and gloom. You need to project a positive attitude even if you do have worries behind the scenes. Projecting positivity makes you a great influence on the community and someone others are pleased to interact and engage with.

Know your Strengths, Delegate the Rest

There are elements of your business which excite and inspire you. These are the things you succeed at and have a real talent for but in every business there are things which are less fun (for you anyway) and so this is where you should cleverly make use of other service providers. Outsource to freelancers so you can focus on your core business areas. In an ant colony, the division of work is key to survival: certain ants are workers, whilst others care for the young and in this same way, your business will perform best if you have the right people in the right places. As a solopreneur it is of course, your business but it can’t hurt to delegate jobs to qualified professionals for elements of the business you don’t enjoy or find difficult.


To evolve and develop your business you need to know what your audience wants and the best way to achieve this is through talking to them! Engage with your readers, ask them questions and deliver full and interesting answers. Equally, engage with your community; your influencers and other bloggers and content creators. Constant evaluation and review are essential and as a one-person business, you need to take on board the opinions and feedback of others to get a real view of your success and where to go next. Ants work together to succeed but they also keep constant check on each other to ensure the overall task is completed.


Make like an ant and see your online business and seo traffic succeed! The many qualities that these tiny creatures possess are easily transposed to the evolution of your website and so, if you want to see growth, invest in these areas.

Have you just started an online business? How is your SEO doing? How have you found the first few months? Do you have any experiences or insights you’d like to share? Leave your comment below!


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