Hi, there!

This is the story of the best investment of my life.
I arrived in London in August 2003 after a 48-hour bus journey.I came to London on my own. I didn’t know anyone here. I was 22.
With 60 GBP in my pocket (thinking it’s a lot!), I wanted to learn how to speak English.
I found myself without a job but I had my laptop with me, so every night, before going to bed, I learned the language and…
how to build a website – something I always wanted to do, being an internet enthusiast.
It took me some time, but one day, I did it! I created a simple HTML website!

It was also the time when my English started getting better and I even had a small office job too.

I quickly noticed that I couldn’t find my website anywhere on Google and that’s how I found out about search engine optimisation (SEO).

I became intrigued…
I ordered a book to learn more about SEO, and read the book back to back twice to make sure I do not miss a single thing.
I read every single article that came out online (bare in mind that SEO was simplier those days:)
I followed the advice to a tee, making plenty of notes as I went and, in the end, I had a fully optimised website.
A few weeks later the website started ranking in Google for highly searchable terms.
From that moment, I knew exactly what I wanted.
I wanted to optimise websites towards search engines.
So I went to job interviews (took the book and my notes with me) and I got my first agency side position!
12 years later.
I am pleased to say that I have worked with the best global brands- Avis, Auto Trader, Hotels.com, TripAdvisor- to name a few.

I have also managed SEO for Expedia then became Digital Marketing Manager at NewLook.com, one of the biggest fashion retailers in the UK; then become Group SEO Director at dnata Emirates Group where I was responsible for designing strategy across 6 brands, 54 markets, to finally set up my own digital marketing business in London.

As Ben Franklin said,
an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest
Learning SEO appears to be the best investment I have done in my life.
… and I know it can be yours too!

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