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Nine Ways to Repurpose Old Content & Get More New Traffic


I have discussed the importance of evergreen content many times but have you ever considered how to get more out of the content you’ve already written? Many of us have blog posts and articles we have written and are really proud of. Maybe they have delivered great feedback or continue to generate great traffic for your site.

When you have content which is of high value it makes sense to get the most out of it. Here I’m going to be discussing how you can repurpose old content for more traffic and attract new readers. It’ll help you to get the most out of the content you’re particularly proud of and other posts which may not have been read for some time but you know have real value for your audience. Below are nine ways to consider repurposing your old content.

1.   Make a Video

If you have a blog post which has been well received but you know you can build upon it and give it a new angle, consider making a video. Whether you run your own YouTube channel, use Vimeo or whatever platform you prefer,you can go back over the content you believe is valuable to your audience and discuss it in a new way on video. You could even consider a Webinar, elaborating on the original post and delivering real value to your audience.

All you need to record your own videos is a standard webcam or even your iPhone and a microphone (or even iPhone headphones). There are also useful software packages like Camtasia which help with the editing process. Facebook Live video is also a popular way of drawing people in and showing them the value of your content and expertise.

2.   Create a Slideshare

Slideshare is a hugely popular platform as it allows you to turn your content into a virtual presentation. Everyone remembers PowerPoint from school but with Slideshare, your PowerPoints have a real purpose and you can make your content exciting, visual and add value to your old posts.

Slideshare presentations are usually created using Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote from Apple. They are a great way of breaking down your content into easily digestible chunks and adding a visual twist.

3.   Create an eBook

Turning your content into an eBook your audience can keep and enjoy is an effective way of bringing in more subscribers as well as more traffic. You can choose whether your eBook is a free incentive or something you want to sell and you can use it as a tool for attracting more people to your email lists too. eBooks are easily created using Keynote again or you can use Microsoft Word. PDF format is usually the most effective choice for eBooks once they’re ready to download.

4.   Visualise your Content

Picking out the choice quotes and phrases from your best content and turning it into an attractive visual is a great way of reaching out to Facebook and Instagram followers. Your best quotes can be used to create fantastic designs which inspire and attract more traffic. Creating inspirational images using your content is easy if you use a software programme such as Canva, which is free or Photoshop.

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5.   Create an Infographic

Infographics are a fantastic way of sharing your content in a way which is easy to read and also easy to share. Infographics are perfect for popping on Pinterest and they can be straightforward to make. Canvas has an infographic tool and there are also dedicated software options such as Piktochart. Infographics are so easy to share and enjoy and they also deliver the essence of your content in a straightforward and simple pictorial way.

6.   Link Back in your Newsletters

When you send out your weekly or monthly newsletter it is a chance to share your expertise as well as let your readers know what’s new. Your blog is your knowledge base and so you can use quotes, snippets and even links back to your old content effectively in your newsletters. A Newsletter Tips section is a great way of giving old content a new lease of life.

7.   Republish on LinkedIn

It is not a good idea to cut and paste your blog posts and post them up on LinkedIn. This looks lazy and it doesn’t give a good impression (plus you do not want to creata a duplication!) However, you can take your old content repurpose it for the LinkedIn audience and then publish it. This ensures the essence of your content is shared but it is written in a way which suits the audience in question.

8.   Start a Podcast

If you decide to start a podcast then there is no better way to get off the ground than with effective content you know works. Your old blog posts can be used as inspiration for podcasts and in some instances you can quote straight from them and credit yourself in the notes of the podcast, inviting people to click and visit your website. There are a range of different podcasting options out there from Soundcloud to the WordPress plugin Seriously Simple Podcasting.

9.   Launch a Small e-Course

If you have a series of blog posts on the same subject or even a particularly in-depth longer post which you know can go further, transform them into a course. An e-course is a way of delivering quality content and value to your audience and it’s your chance to share your expertise freely. Taking inspiration from your content is only natural when creating a course. You can deliver e-courses through many different platforms, such as email or using a dedicated e-course platform such as Teachable or CourseCraft.


There is no excuse to let your best content sit there and get old, make the most of it! If you had a really successful blog post in the last six months or even further back and you don’t want it to be forgotten about, turn it into something new.


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