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An easy to follow SEO guide for solopreneurs.
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I'm Mags, an

SEO Consultant

I am here to help you attract a relevant audience to your site so you can grow faster.

During the last decade, I’ve worked with many successful brands incl. Expedia, Hotels.com, Emirates Holidays, Avis or AutoTrader.

Although those companies apply complex SEO strategies, there are some simple tweaks you can make to start getting free visits from search engines. 

In the ebook, you will find 4 easy steps to write a well-optimised blog post that your readers and Google will love!

Just follow this simple formula each time you write and improve your website’s chances of being found on Google.


mags sikora- ecommerce seo specialist london

61% of users start an online search from the search engine. 95% of them will never go to the 2nd Google page. Fact.

mags sikora writing an ebook

Imagine that

every time you write

  • You have a clear process in mind to make your blog post Google friendly!
  • You increase chances to rank your posts higher in Google! The higher your posts rank for relevant terms, the more targetted traffic you get and the more leads it generates!
  • You understand better how Google sees your posts.
  • The saved time, you can spend on other revenue-generating activities

Give Google a good reason to rank you on their 1st page!